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A Common Purpose: Working with School Counselors and Parents to Safeguard the TCK Experience.

Lois Bushong, Author of Belonging Everywhere and Nowhere: Insights into Counseling the Globally Mobile brings us her 5 Essentials For Parents Transitioning Kids Abroad guide. Lois discusses the role of international school counselors and expat parents, Third Culture Kids (TCKs) and Adult Third Culture Kids to enable successful transitions between schools, locations and cultures.

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How to Spot the TCK in your Counseling Office

I have designed my Client Intake Form with the Adult TCK or the Cross-Cultural Kid in mind. Each of these questions gives me a clue as to their rate of mobility as well as their exposure to various cultures. Each question could result in a long discussion around their global lifestyle. Other clues might be . Their employment with an international agency or an NGO.
2. Some of the symptoms they often check on my Client Intake Form are: restlessness, loss of identity, grief, transitional challenges, relational Issues, depression or anxiety.
3. In answering the question, “Briefly describe your problem” they often give clues to their life as a TCK. An example might be “I struggle with making meaningful friends as people are so superficial”.

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