Left Hands (and non-TCKs) are not Overrated

Last week, I had surgery on my left hand which has kept me “handicapped” this week. As I was painfully trying to type on Thursday, I surprisingly realized the value of the “underdog”, my non-dominant hand. When I could once again type, I jotted down why I needed my left hand, even though I had a perfectly capable, right hand.

To steady things for the other hand to do their job. It is hard to zip up your jacket, button your clothes and take the lid off the bottle of water with just one hand.

To give the other hand some needed rest. When the one hand gets tired carrying the load, you can shift the load to the other hand. When you are helping a friend paint their garage and your hand holding the paintbrush starts to cramp, you can shift to the other hand.

To maintain balance in precarious situations. If you starts to lose your balance, you can reach out with your hand and grab something to steady yourself.

To provide efficiency and speed in accomplishing the task. When reaching for your Coke at a drive through, your hand nearest the window is the most efficient hand for the job. Another example is trying to type with just one hand.

To give additional strength to the task. When digging a hole for your new garden plant, two hands on the shovel gives you the strength to make that hole.

Then, my mind launched into the metaphor how this is all like TCKs and those who have not had the privilege of living this lifestyle i.e. non-TCKs. From my perspective as a TCK, I see the TCK as the right hand and the non-TCK as the left hand.

Our world needs both working in tandem for all of the reasons listed above.
One is not more important then the other.
One can try to replace the other with a “fake” but it still is not as good as the “real” thing.
When one is in the pain, the entire body suffers.
We can not change who we are, therefore embrace your identity.

Finally, I cannot clap with just one hand. I need both the TCK and the non-TCK in order to celebrate life!! Can anyone out there loan me a left hand while this one heals?