About Lois


Lois Bushong is a counselor, renowned author, and international speaker, coach, and adjunct faculty at Indiana Wesleyan University in the Graduate Counseling Department. She has a Master of Science from Georgia State University in Community Counseling and is licensed in the state of Indiana in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Her work has been featured on the BBC, the Wall St Journal, Money magazine, Global Living, the American Counseling magazine and the Shrink on the Couch podcast. Her book is was one of the top five recommended books by Global Living magazine and is on the Recommended Book List for Parenting and Living Abroad by the US State Department.

As owner and a counselor at Quiet Streams Counseling in Fishers, Indiana, her clients include internationals, Third Culture Kids (TCKs), Adult Third Culture Kids (ATCKs), and multicultural couples. Lois specializes in coaching TCKs and expats through transitional points in their globally mobile lives.

Lois is an Adult TCK from Latin America and worked in Honduras with an international agency for ten years. Las Americas Academy in Siguatepeque, Honduras, is where Lois attended boarding school from grade three through grade eight. The campus for this small boarding school was filled with not only children, but chickens, donkeys, cattle, birds such as Toby the Toucan, an old swimming hole, a swamp where frogs quickly scampered away to escape the small hands of little boys and of course many varieties of trees with all kinds of fruit were consumed as soon as they came into season.

This was the world that formed Lois’s identity and continues to have an influence on her perspective on life. This world and the many other worlds in which she lived as she followed her parents to various parts of the world. As an adult, she continued the nomadic lifestyle until she settled down in the Indianapolis, Indiana area. Lois maintains an up-to-date passport and shot book in anticipation of yet another adventure to a new (or old) country.

Lois now divides her time between her Quiet Streams Counseling practice and training and speaking internationally. To discuss